Musical Toys for the whole family


['OLA] games & entertainment GmbH develops musical toys for the whole family. Herefore we focus music and rhythm. Our motto: "We bring rhythm into your life!"

Our product-range is exclusively for trade in toy-shops, supplies (schools and kindergarden), music-shops, family- and health sector and wellness as well as gifts- and Online-shops.


    OFFBeat the game that challanges you to stay ON Beat!

Make your Livingroom to your own stage and keep the beat with your friends.
This rhythm and sequence game gets you and your friends snapping, clapping and drumming together!

With OffBeat we managed to combine a board game with a musical instrument (=Cajon). The rhythmic game made of cardboard has a cajon with snare carpet installed with a really great sound.


    beatbox "Pappe-la-Papp" Good sounding Cajon made out of cardboard!

Our drum stool made of cardboard is the perfect product for private use, kindergarden and schools. Drumming becomes a phenomenal experience for young and old.

The beatbox "Pappe-la-Papp" is delivered in white and can be paintedwith normal colours according to your wishes. Play with the children their creativity and use the colorful stools as seating which fit into the room.

    CRAFT & SHAKE Build and paint your own Music-Shaker!

The Shaker CRAFT & SHAKE offers 3 times fun for the children: first the craft sheet of cardboard is painted, then built and finally you have your own Music Shaker, with which you can make music! The building is very easy and a great rattle sound is also guaranteed for the little ones. How to use the rattle then shows also a separate staff with simple symbols. It´s a great fun for kindergarden and birthday parties.

We offer the CRAFT & SHAKE in two different Packing-Units.


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